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What Our Owners Are Saying

Sorry it’s taken me this long to say it, but thanks again to the cleaners for a superb job!  It’s always so refreshing to arrive to a well-maintained unit. RAV
I wanted to send you a thank you note for all the due diligence at my unit this past month.
Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the cleanliness of our unit upon our arrival today. Please pass on our compliments to the housekeeper(s).

In short, they’re the best rental management company we’ve ever had.  They are very responsive to any requests, and their cleaning service has been especially good.

—Rav (BRRN)

As a property owner, I recognize how important it is to keep up with maintenance as well to keep the place looking good.   Sincerely,  Jim

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the bookings so far! This winter’s looking great, the condo has stayed well-stocked. Thanks for your hard work! – Mercedes

Cool, you guys are great. I get so frustrated with the lack of concern and customer service, and to work with someone like you is such a pleasure.! – Bill

Staff and Jeff,

The Mountainside unit looks very nice, thank you.  I like the no smoking signs.  Thanks for good job.  Barbara D MSBD

Thanks for opportunity to provide a recommendation. RMRM has served as rental manager for our condo since the beginning of this year. To date, we have been quite satisfied with the services that have been provided. RMRM has proven to be professional in every respect, and has been very timely and accessible in responding to our needs. We have been especially happy with the cleanliness standards that have been maintained, and with their attentiveness to condo regulations and policies. Their website and toll-free number make bookings easy, and their check-in office has an inviting appearance. They also provide an excellent information binder for guests, as well as a comprehensive telephone information service. — Nicholson

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the cleanliness of our unit upon our arrival today. Please pass on our compliments to the housekeeper(s).

—Rav (BRRN)

You and I have been in the service business in one form or another for most of our adult life. As you well know our clients through the years have never hesitated to point out the faults within your business, quality of the product we offer or lack of services render. Few times have we gotten a true, “Thank you, nice job” for work well done.
This is one of those times – Today, I thank you, and others at RMRM inc. for great customer service and a true dedication to your homeowners. Your people identified the problem, notified me of the issues, and used the resources they had available to resolve the problem within a few hours not days. Thank you, nice job! – William R.

The condo looks great, we are glad to be back…

Also wanted to tell you we are very pleased with the way the rentals are going, we are getting very good nightly rates and our plan seems to working perfectly.

Merry Christmas to you and all your family and staff Gary

Thanks, Jeffrey…again, you all are truly great – we are very fortunate and thankful to have you represent our interests in Keystone! We continually tell all of our local friends about how outstanding your service and support for us is! Thanks again and have a great weekend! – Kelly O

You guys are the best!!! – Robert H

I wanted to also let you know that we were very pleased to find our condo in such good shape when we visited this past ski season. I think that your damage deposit really works and makes people mindful of being careful. – C Pope

Owned Property since built With us for the first summer “I noticed you got a summer booking for our condo! Congrats, that is the first summer rental we have had at our Property since we have owned it. Do you think your marketing/advertising efforts to (REMOVED WORD) etc was responsible for this booking? Thanks, – Dale

I received a mailer today from CMLS. They are offering 2 free season passes to anyone that joins the CMLS rental program. They must be really desperate for inventory. I can’t imagine anyone jumping ship from RMRM for this offer. In our case, we live out of state, so the free season passes are meaningless. If we lived in CO, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist long to realize that you can buy a lot of season passes if you’re in RMRM’s program based on the commission differential. – Jim B., Dublin OH

Scott, I am the owner of a condo in Buffalo Village (Wildernest). I was with another management company for two years before switching to RMRM. The switch turned out to be for the better for the following reasons.

  1. I believe that RMRM is more aggressively advertising their services nationwide and not just in the Denver area. For example, ski magazines and a good website.
  2. Their website is easy to use for customers and as an owner.
  3. The setup for arriving guests is better. For example, the linens, coffee and tea, soaps, etc. seem to be a step above the competition.
  4. As as owner, I feel they have responded (with grace) to any inquiries I had. I had a lot at first, but then you get used to the system and let them take care of everything. The yearly cleaning, linen service, etc. seem to be a good improvement.

Hope this answers your questions. – Jon Y.

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This is your Property and we are borrowing it, therefore you will find that we allow you to control, use, and rent YOUR Property as you like.

AAs a premier vacation property management company in Summit County, Colorado Rocky Mountain Resort Management manages your condos, cabins and/or homes as though we owned them personally. And, because we are property owners and investors just like you, we understand that when we rent out your property, we are “borrowing” it to turn you a profit. To do that we understand your property must be immaculate, expertly maintained, and managed with an eye to the details.


Our Vacation Property Management Services

At Rocky Mountain Resort Management we employ secure, user-friendly technology-based tools, industry best practices, and sound management principles to look after your property. In addition to our local office, with full-time staff ready to assist you and your guests as needed, our convenient website and mobile app allow you to conveniently manage your property’s transactions from the comfort of your own home or office or on the go. Our management portal allows you to track your property’s transactions, activity, and statements for up to seven years; set the booking engagements and dates available for rental; apply discounts to your rents; and so much more.

Some of our other features and services:
• We collect a damage deposit.
• We offer a tenant insurance program with accident coverage up to $3,000 on your property.
• We offer travel insurance to cover all ticket and ski rentals at 7% of the stay to cover you and the tenant for last-minute cancellations.
• We require a rental contract to be signed within 48 hours of booking.
• We limit our discounts to no more than 20% from agreed-upon pricing.
• We own the lock and key system, preventing unauthorized use of your property.
• You can provide property cleaning or we will clean and maintain it for you.
• We allow you to rent your property independent from our service – no exclusivity contract.

Below are three management programs available that are designed to provide you with comprehensive services or just the basics. They are clearly defined so you know you won’t be charged for superfluous fees, and you know exactly what you are getting.

25% Commission Rate Program
  • The rental fee to RMRM shall be twenty-five percent (25%) of the adjusted gross rental income. The adjusted gross rental income shall be the rental income minus any offered and mutually agreed-upon discounts.
  • Each year, starting with the inception of this contract the Owner shall maintain $400 with the Manager as a deposit for maintenance items. This amount is used to pay for services and maintenance on your property at the time of repair and is replenished with each statement.
  • Travel agent fees shall be split based on the commission split between the Owner and Manager up to 20 percent (20%) based on that set up with the travel agents, wholesalers and in-house commission-based reservationists by the Manager.
  • Manager shall pay for all promotion of the Property that Manager deems necessary.
  • Manager shall accept credit card payment however Owner shall pay all costs associated with credit cards for short-term renters using our credit card services.
  • The manager shall pay for all cleaning for tenant use.

The owner shall pay for and pay maintenance on linens and towels.

Summit County Agent Program
  • The fee to RMRM shall be $100.00 per month. For this fee, Rocky Mountain Resort Management shall provide the following services.
  • $25 per month for the reservations system per unit.
  • Timely response to complaints $35 fee and $90 per hour of time actually spent
  • Live 24/7 phone response


  • $5 per guest or $400 a year – We can provide a check-in and check-out desk for your tenants.
  • Based on unit size – We will provide a cleaning service.
  • $90 per hour or on monthly program – We will provide full maintenance.
  • $25 per month $50 one-one-time set up – Have your own APP customize-able to your property
  • $25 per month plus equipment – Have a Web-based lock and change codes for every guest
  • $25 per month – Have a web-based calendar that can create code to web-based locks

Additional or A La Carte Property Management Services

In addition to the above programs, the following include a la carte options we can provide you, covering everything from maintenance and security to linen services.

Linen Maintenance (Required under option one not required under option two or three):
Linen package at a fee the first year only of $0.00 per twin bed and then $35 per year thereafter, first year only of $0.00 per full bed and then $45 per year thereafter, first year only of $0.00 per queen bed and then $50 per year thereafter, first year only of $0.00 per king bed and then $60 per year thereafter, first year only of $0.00 per California king bed then $65 per year thereafter. This shall cover all sheets, pillow cases, towels hot pads, and dish towels for the property on an ongoing basis.

Virtual PBX:
Owner shall also be a part of the virtual PBX system at a cost of $9.95 per month or increased cost per service increases charged to Rocky Mountain Resort Management. The property shall have a fully equipped kitchen, and as wanted additional spices, flour, sugar, salt, pepper, cooking oils, wrapping supplies, sandwich bags, and the like. Remember that the more you provide in terms of staples the more likely the Renter is going to request your Property again in the future.

Owner Rental Plans:
Five Percent – If the Owner rents their Property on their own outside of Rocky Mountain Resort Management and only uses the system to update the calendar and it is not a booking for the Owner’s personal use or use in which the Owner is not collecting rent, the Owner shall pay Manager a 5% fee of the rent listed on the site for that time frame and the cost of cleaning. The Owner must get the tenant to Summit County where the Manager will take over the reservation and check in and check out of the guest. This is accomplished through the Owner login page. In the comments section must be the Guest name, phone, e-mail, and address, for all paying and non-paying guests other than the Owner; or the reservation may not be honored.

Fifteen Percent – If the Owner rents the property outside of Rocky Mountain Resort Management services and wishes to have Rocky Mountain Resort Management run the guest’s credit card and send an invoice with terms and conditions for signature and fax required back, and to have Rocky Mountain Resort Management get them checked in checkout, send them keys and perform the duties as would be under the 25 or 35% programs, then the fee shall be 15%, plus credit card fees. This is accomplished thought the book-it now button or the check availability button and the owner shall put in the reservation as if they were a guest with all the guest’s information.
Long-Term Rental – Summer rentals on a long-term basis (30 days or greater) will be billed at 10% (from April 25th to November 10th) and winter rentals at 15% (from November 11th to April 24th) of the actual charge to the tenant (proof of rental rate to be provided in a signed lease from the owner with buyer’s signature) plus the cost of cleaning (Cleaning to be increased to cover the higher cleaning costs of a longer-term rental – per the judgment of Rocky Mountain Resort management). The increased cleaning cost shall be on average 25%, not less than a $50 increase, still to be a final clean; and may be more based on the condition the property is left in by said tenant.

Should the Manager discover or be informed of a condition in the Property that requires immediate attention in order to maintain the Property in a rentable condition or to prevent damage or additional damage to the Property or building or health of occupants, other Properties or to any common area, or to maintain necessary services to the occupants, Owner hereby authorizes Manager, its agents or employees to enter the Property for the purpose of performing such maintenance, repair, or replacement work as may be necessary at the sole discretion of Manager. There shall be no limit upon expenditures that the Manager may undertake on behalf of and at the expense of the Owner for emergencies that would affect the building, area, tenant(s), or health/integrity/damage to the afore mentioned.

Manager shall have the authorization of Owner to perform any maintenance item up to $200.00 for and at the expense of Owner, without owner’s permission. Such expenditures will be performed and the Owner will be billed the cost of all expenses incurred by the Manager plus 10% of the bill or a $40/hour management fee and $45/hour after 6 p.m. for the Manager or Manager agent(s) time only, whichever is less. The manager will make its best efforts to contact the Owner within 24 hours of such an occurrence by e-mail and will allow the Owner to repair if the Owner contacts the Manager before the repair is arranged for by the Manager.

Should Manager discover a maintenance item that requires attention, but not immediate attention, Manager will notify the Owner of the need by e-mail and provide our best estimate on the repair cost. Owner can then elect to have Manager arrange for the repair, or can fix the item on their own within 30 days. If the Manager makes arrangements, the Owner will be billed the actual cost of all expenses incurred by the Manager (which may or may not be the amount of the estimate) plus 15% of the bill or a $80/hr Management fee for the Manager or Managers agent(s) time only, whichever is less after 6 p.m. the hourly rate is $90/hr. If the Owner does not respond to the email notification within 7 days after Manager sends it, Owner has elected that Manager make the repair at the terms above. If the Owner does not want the maintenance item fixed, that may be cause for termination of the contract if Manager feels that not performing the repair adversely affects the rent ability of the Property.

Elected Maintenance Program:
The owner elects to be on the monthly maintenance program. At a fee of $125.00 per month for three-bedroom or larger condominiums $99.00, for a two-bedroom condominium and $79.00, for a one-bedroom or smaller condominium, and $150.00 per month for Townhomes and $199.00 per month for Houses. Hot tubs are an additional of $195.00 per month, including keep of chemicals. The cost of filters is not included in the monthly fee for hot tubs they are billed at cost plus 15%. Hot tubs outside of the maintenance program are $250.00 per month. The cost of consumables is not included in the monthly fees for hot tubs, they are billed at cost, plus 15%.

The maintenance program includes the following services:
• Complimentary maintenance work from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. If a maintenance issue, such as but not limited to a plugged toilet, blown pilot light, etc. occurs, maintenance will go to the Property to assess the situation and resolve the issue if possible. If the issue can be resolved and requires no disassembly or part replacement, there will be no charge. Under this program, we will provide service on any item up to replacement of the item or issue and $15 per call, in material costs. We will make every attempt under this program to service your property without charge.
• Once a year on this plan you can create a list of items for us to complete during off season (from close of all mountains and after completion of spring cleaning to May 25th and from September 15th to November 1st). Said list cannot be more than 15 items each being no more than a 20-minute job with a material cost of no more than $15 each, all material must be provided by Owner. If the Owner terminates this contract early for any reason they agree to pay all charges associated with the maintenance list they provided and are required to be complete as a “once a year list” based on the hourly rates of the Maintenance paragraph above.
• Discounted service rates for light skilled maintenance. Should a light maintenance service call take longer than 1 hour or if disassembly or part replacement is required, the hourly rate of service will be $32.50 billed at 15-minute increments. Any after-hours light maintenance service calls will also be billed at $35.50 per hour in 15-minute increments. This will also include travel time to the Property.
• During down times, a periodic check on each Property shall be performed when not in regular use to make sure that your investment is being watched.
• In the interest of serving your needs any after-hours calls that are not an emergency will be serviced the following day to avoid unnecessary charges.

Discount Page:
The owner wants to be a part of the discount page at an annual cost of $295.00. As part of the discount page, the Owner shall offer an ongoing discount of TO BE DETERMINED (percent) excluding all holidays and holiday weekends. The last-minute discount offered shall be a minimum of TO BE DETERMINED per night for summer and a minimum of TO BE DETERMINED per for winter, plus taxes and cleaning fees. The last-minute discount will be offered no earlier 5 days from the date of the reservation.

Payment of bills:
The owner wants Rocky Mountain Resort Management to pay all bills associated with the owner’s property listed above. Owner agrees that said bills will be paid and a surcharge of $75.00 will be added to their monthly bill for collection and payment of said bills. The owners reserve in this case is shall be equal to one month’s average billing for said items, Homeowners Association dues, gas and electric bills, phones, and the like. Rocky Mountain Resort Management is not responsible for late fees or delinquent charges charged by said companies and owner shall be responsible to direct said billing to Rocky Mountain Resort Management. All actual costs shall be billed back to the owner on the monthly statements.

Flexibility, security, convenience, thoroughness, and professionalism make up the principles we abide by to provide you the comfort and confidence you deserve in a property management company. Call us today and learn how our comprehensive management programs, experienced staff, and clearly defined rate structures are right for you!