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Homeowner Association Management

Rocky Mountain Resort Management offers a full range of affordable homeowner association management solutions to residential and commercial properties. RMRM is located in the City Market Center in Dillon Colorado and serves all of Summit County from that location. Our experienced administrative staff can help you meet your community association goals while reducing management cost and saving you time and money. Our commitment to service includes 24 hour/ 7 day a week response and live operators 24/7, not a paging system. When calling our office you will always be greeted by a live person ready to assist you. RMRM also offers cutting edge technology that will allow you to have complete control of your homeowner association information and data. From financial reports, tracking of violations, or keeping up with your association members email addresses we offer the best reporting, communications history, and tracking system in the industry. Rocky Mountain Resort Management is a leader in property management and has been recognized for best in class service and value to customers.

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The Rocky Mountain Resort Management team understands the challenges of serving on a board of directors to control cost, increase property values, and reduce the time commitment of the community volunteers. RMRM helps by sharing best practice information (based on experience) to ensure you stay a step ahead. By understanding your needs and goals we can help you guide your association toward positive results. Our staff will work with you to review your current management situation and provide a full proposal that will review our cost saving and effective services. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

As a management team since 1999 Rocky Mountain Resort Management has grown and flourished because of our dedication to maintaining reasonable rates and professional services. All of our systems are flexible and customizable with an in-house IT team, we can customize to accommodate almost any situation. We will build an interactive site for your association to all for commutation and cooperation between owner’s, the board and us. We look forward to working with you and your board for many years to come.

Why Hire Rocky Mountain Resort Management?

Trust. Choosing to bring in Rocky Mountain Resort Management will begin a sequence of trusting relationships; the homeowners trust their elected board of directors to make good decisions, and the board trusts the HOA community management team to carry out the functions of the organization professionally. There are a variety of instances in which it makes sense to tap into Rocky Mountain Resort Management to keep the peace and be a go between as well as uphold the professional standards that all boards wish to portray. Of course, each situation is unique, and the decision ultimately rests in the hands of the board members.

Rocky Mountain Resort Management’s goal is take the weight of the world off the shoulders of the board by handling tasks such as launching and maintaining required websites and logs, setting up good bookkeeping systems, creating balanced budgets, and forming/adding to bylaws and model codes of conduct and most importantly, create synergy in the community. A good homeowners association management program can save board members hours of time and capital. While we work towards being a lower cost management team, Rocky Mountain Resort Management maintains the highest level of service and attention to every aspect of your association. Here are just a few things that can be expected from a professional homeowner’s association management group:

› Forming bylaws and model codes of conduct
› Launching and maintaining websites
› Bookkeeping
› Organizing monthly meetings
› Creating and maintaining a balanced budget
› Upkeep of subdivision amenities (swimming pool, fitness center, clubhouse, tennis courts, walking trails)
› Generating and sending appropriate letters
› Handling disputes and complaints from homeowners security
› Keeping up to date with state laws/insurance
› Assessing outside contractors and managing the projects
› Managing reserve funds
› Going to court for major disputes
› Keeping up with reporting and all fiduciary responsibilities
› Create synergy in the community

Tailored Services

Services tailored to the unique needs of each association can include:

Common Area Services

› Scheduled property inspections
› Bid solicitation
› Supervision of contractors
› Status reports

Management Services

› Insurance placement
› Dues and fees collection
› Resident request system
› Management report

Financial Services

› Accounts receivable and payable
› Monthly financial reports
› Budget preparation
› Audit coordination

Our Mission

› To help the HOA board ensure accelerating property values for homeowners by driving the process toward community excellence.
› To share best practice with absolute integrity using real case situations reflected by community goals and circumstances.
› To offer incredible service with 24 hour access, rapid response and the best trained professional staff available.
› To continually improve our process and raise the bar in HOA Management to a level unprecedented in the industry.
› To constantly update our technology to stay on the cutting edge so that the communities we serve always get the latest and best service possible.
› To do all we can to help HOA board members be successful, while aiding them in holding down costs and reducing the amount of volunteer time they spend in the effort.
› To consider ourselves as part of a team with the HOA board members in striving for community well-being, peace of mind in home ownership and community excellence for property

Scope of Word & General Guidelines

I. GENERAL: The Maintenance Technician (wherever Maintenance Technician Is referenced, it includes any Maintenance Technician, as well)’ is responsible for the routine maintenance as set forth in Exhibit A to the above referenced Property Management Agreement, which Exhibit A is incorporated herein by this reference. The intent of Exhibit A is to provide the general standards for routine maintenance under which the Maintenance Technician will provide for opent1on of the COMPLEX. Maintenance Technician is an employee of the MANAGER and, as such, will report to and take orders from the MANAGER.

2. PUBLIC RELATIONS: The Maintenance Technician shall make every effort to deal with the OWNERS, guests and tenants in a cooperative and businesslike manner. The responsibilities for the physical management of the COMPLEX and its safety will take priority over non-emergency individual OWNER, tenant or guest needs.

3. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: Daily inspection will be performed by the Maintenance Technician of the general common elements to assure that they are maintained in conformance with the specifications outlined in the above referenced Property Management Agreement. Including Exhibit A thereto.

4. LIGHTS: All lights and light fixtures located on the general common areas, inside and outside, will be checked periodically and Will be maintained’ in working order as set forth on Exhibit A hereto and will be turned on and off as necessary to provide for the safety of persons using the general common areas, while also conserving energy. The Maintenance Technician will maintain an Inventory of replacement light bulbs at the ASSOCIATION’S expense.

5. COMMON AREAS: Common areas, Lee, hallways, walkways, sidewalks, stairwells, landings, parking lots, and hat tubs will be checked periodically and kept clean and swept of trash and debris, as necessary. The common areas will be patrolled for trash daily.

6. STORAGE AREAS: Common storage areas, if any, will be maintained in a clean manner, with special attention to the proper storage of combustibles. Access to these areas will be in accordance with the policies of the ASSOCIATION as established by the BOARD.

7. HOT TUB: Hot tubs will be checked daily, vacuumed and backwashed at least twice per week. The hot tubs will be maintained in a clean condition at all times at a temperature that Is comfortable (between the range of 100°C and 104°C), and the chemical balance will be measured and adjusted daily. The circulating system will be monitored so as to assure peak performance. The surrounding area will be cleaned on a regular basis. An adequate supply of necessary chemicals will be safely maintained on hand at the ASSOCIATON’s expense.

8. HEATING SYSTEM: The boiler room(s) will be inspected at least weekly or more often as needed to assure pilot lights are operating and that adequate pressure and temperatures are maintained. Any maintenance of repair should be provided as necessary by qualified third party contractors approved by MANAGER, with the President of the Board being notified immediately if such repair is judged to be major.

9. KEYS: The Maintenance Technician will maintain the key file in good order and disburse keys to OWNERS and other authorized occupants (non-rental) where OWNERS have given written or verbal notification to the Maintenance Technician authorizing access, all as consistent with the provisions of the above referenced Property Management Agreement.

10. LANDSCAPING: The landscaped areas will be maintained in a manner to maximize an attractive appearance and in accordance with the routine maintenance set forth on Exhibit A to the above referenced Property Management Agreement The Maintenance Technician may, as time permits, do major landscaping improvement projects that are authorized by the Board and approved by the MANAGER, such projects to be an additional cost to the ASSOCIATION; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the Maintenance Technician regular responsibilities will take priority over such special landscaping projects. The MANAGER will provide or hire additional help as needed to complete such projects at the ASSOCIATION’s expense.

11. EQUIPMENT: The ASSOCIATION shall provide, light bulbs, cleaning supplies, etc. to maintain all common areas and amenities. The ASSOCIATION will provide trimmers and tools necessary for landscaping work. The ASSOCIATION will also provide shovels, ice melt chemicals and tools necessary for snow removal work. Snow plowing will be contracted out The Maintenance Technician will be responsible for maintaining the equipment in good working order and safeguarding it against theft and unauthorized usage. As routine maintenance, the Maintenance Technician will arrange for repairs of such equipment at the expense of the ASSOCIATIONS The Maintenance Technician will provide a written inventory of all equipment as set forth in the Agreement.

12. TRASH REMOVAL: It will be the responsibility of the Maintenance Technician to monitor the condition of the trash and refuse containers and to the surrounding area while assuring the frequency of pickup is adequate.

I 3. ICE REMOVAL: Ice dams on the roofs, if any, will be monitored to assure that adequate drainage is provided. Routine maintenance Ice removal will be performed by or arranged for by the Maintenance Technician as set forth on Exhibit A to the above referenced Property Management Agreement Major maintenance ice removal will be performed by or arranged for by the Maintenance Technician at an additional cost to the ASSOCIATION. Heat tapes will be checked periodically to assure they are n working order. Any Ice buildup on walkways will be sanded or have Ice melt applied as appropriate. NOTE: Any concrete damage which occurs as a result of using ice melt to remove ice from the common areas shall not be the responsibility of the MANAGER or the Maintenance Technician.

14. SNOW REMOVAL: The MANAGER has the authority for and will be responsible for arranging for the subcontract removal of snow from the parking lots and driveways, if any. The Maintenance Technician will remove snow from walkways, sidewalks, stairwells and landings after each snowfall, using sand and Ice melt where necessary to keep the areas safe.

15. MAJOR MAINTENANCE: Occasionally, the need may arise for the repair or replacement of components of the COMPLEX structure and/or mechanical equipment. When such need arises and it is outside the scope of routine maintenance as set forth on Exhibit A of the above referenced Property Management Agreement, it will be the responsibility of the Maintenance Technician, through the MANAGER, to make the BOARD aware of the problem. Any maintenance work performed by the Maintenance Technician inside an individual OWNER’s unit will be at the expense of the OWNER unless the BOARD has previously determined it to be an expense of the ASSOCIATION and has given prior authorization or the work to be performed.

16. FIREWOOD: The Maintenance Technician, at the direction of the MANAGER, shall coordinate purchase of firewood where necessary, at the expense of the ASSOCIATION.

17. ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES: The Maintenance Technician will make daily inspections of the general common areas to assure conformance with the specifications outlined above. The Property Manager will coordinate all service contracts, and a log of all inspections and security checks will be kept.

18. SECURITY INSPECTIONS: In addition to the periodic inspection of common areas, it will be the duty of the Maintenance Technician to enter and inspect each unoccupied unit once per week in winter months and twice per month in summer months. Doors and windows will be checked for security. Toilets will be flushed to ensure adequate water levels to prevent entrance of sewer gas. Kitchen appliances will be checked to make sure they have not been left on, i.e. ovens, stoves. Room and appliance thermostats and any energy conservation devices will be set to the lowest practical settings to conserve energy. The unit will be checked for any sign of water leaks. Fire prevention systems will also be checked to make sure they are operational. A log will be kept in which the inspecting manager will place the time and date of each inspection and his/her initials. MANAGER reserves the right to refuse to perform security check service to any individual OWNER’s unit with reason or cause and with prior written notice to the BOARD. MANAGER Will make every effort to provide security checks as stated the this section. ASSOCIATION acknowledges and understands that circumstances may arise at the COMPLEX that may preclude regular security checks from being performed, such as major insurance claims, major snowfall occasions, special projects requested by the BOARD or Inability of the MANAGER to locate and hire a competent Maintenance Technician, etc.

19. PAGER/CELL PHONE: The Maintenance Technician is responsible for carrying a pager or cell phone during the normal workday. The Maintenance Technician is also responsible for communicating with the night call person as to their whereabouts in case of an emergency. If the Maintenance Technician is unavailable during the day, assistance instructions will be kept at the MANAGERs Front Desk. In arty case, both the Maintenance Technician’ and/or backup Maintenance Technician shall be on call to service the COMPLEX on a 24hour basis.

20. BACKUP MANAGER: The Maintenance Technician is responsible for leaving written instructions for the backup manager regarding deliveries, expected OWNER guests or any ongoing problems the Backup Maintenance Technician r may need to be aware of. The Backup Maintenance Technician will be available via pager or cell phone for 24hour coverage of the COMPLEX.

21. BOARD AND ANNUAL MEETINGS: The Maintenance Technician shall be expected to attend as many BOARD meetings as the work schedule allows, as well as the annual OWNER meeting. In the event the Maintenance Technician is required to attend a number of meetings that exceeds the limits set forth in the Property Management Agreement, that will result in an additional charge to the ASSOCIATION. A written Manager’s Report shall be prepared and presented at each meeting outlining activities and incidents to keep the BOARD and/or OWNERS apprised of the day4oday operations of the COMPLEX.

22. HOUSE RULES: The Property Manager is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring that all rules established by the BOARD are complied with. In the event of a rules violation, the Property Manager should first notify the offending party verbally, if possible. This should be done in a polite and friendly manner. If compliance is not achieved immediately, then the Property Manager should notify the BOARD so that appropriate steps can be taken to enforce the rules as prescribed by the BOARD. In all cases, the Property Manager will demonstrate a helpful attitude to the public and should at all times avoid exhibiting a hostile or confrontational attitude no matter what the circumstances.

23. CHANGE IN SCOPE OF DUTIES: It is anticipated that there could be events where capital improvements initiated by the BOARD are completed which would Increase the scope of what was initially identified as MANAGERS duties as set forth in the above. In the event this occurs, the BOARD and MANAGER agree to negotiate an amendment to the Management agreement for the additional scope of work.


Homeowner Association Management