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Opening Day

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Title: Opening Day
Location: Breckenridge Colorado
Link out: Click here
Description: Opening Day for Skiing at Breckenridge Colorado
Date: 11/12/2009

Summit County Colorado Hiking

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Brush Creek

Brush Creek hiking trail just 4 miles north of silverthorne, brush creek rd turns west towards the gore range. we have done quite a bit of hiking from this trail head. while my mom was in town we hiked to the boss mine, this is a easy hike wide trail with good footing, after just 30 minutes of hiking you reach the first of many meadows, with some great beaver ponds, these have good brookies trout. the trail does start to climb as you reach the mine, it is a great hike with a great view, ther are lots off wildflowers and some great meadows and this is a easy to moderate hike.

in july me and my two boys also backpacked from this trail head, the brush creek trail intercects with the gore range trail about 14 mile in, we turned north on the gore range trail and hiked to boulder lake, this is a moderate hike, the trail is narrow and steep. boulder lake is beautiful, my boys just love fishing when they can watch the fish, it is really neat. there are a few camping spots around the lake, make sure to keep your distance when camping, also they do not permit fires at boulder lake, so we camped about  14 MILE FROM THE LAKE AND THE RANGER SAID WE WERE GOOD.. there is an upper boulder lake as well it is a very difucult hike, lots of down trees and very steep, however if you are interested in fishing for cuttthroat trout, upper boulder lake is worth it it is a very deep lake for mtn lakes and it has some nice size cuttthroats and greenbacks. this is a great are to view birds as well, the rangers said that birds flock to this area, for different reasons. but it is noted as a national bird watching area. there is a ton of wildflowers and the mountains around this area are very jagged and steep making for a great view.

my family loves to hike in this area, and so will yours. please let me know if i can help with any more info on hiking or fishing in the summit county area…

Customer Loyalty Program – Rental Rewards

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Use the form below to enroll.
Summit County, Colorado – 08/25/2009 – Rocky Mountain Resort Management has added a Customer Loyalty Program for returning guests in the form of a program called “Rental Rewards”.  This is a point based system just like other travel programs that will allow returning guests to accumulate points for each paid stay with us starting with reservations made as of 08.25/2009.
Here is how it will work:
  • For every dollar spent you will get 5 points.
  • From 2000 to 9,000 points the return is .01 so for 2000 points you get $20 in reward dollars to use in the system. 
  • From 10,000 to 90,000 point the return is .0125 and from 100,000 points plus it is .015
  • So when you spend $5000 with Rocky Mountain Resort Management you get 25000 points or $312.50 to spend on a future stay!

This is a system we have been working on for some time and something you as guests have been asking for.  We are excited and feel it is a fair return.  Every property will be added* to the rewards program and as point are accrued you will be allowed to use them for rental in the property of your choice!

To enroll there will be a one time fee of $10 – no annual fees, this is to cover the administrative costs for adding the program and each individual guest to the system, then sit back, enjoy, ski and earn points for future stays! Use the form below. 

To sign up print this form and fax it to 888.719.2754 or fill it out and email it back to [email protected]

Credit Card Charge
I hereby authorize Rocky Mountain Resort Management and their employees to charge my card for the following transaction:
Rocky Mountain Resort Management
Name as it appears on the card_______________________     Card Type:______
Card Number:_______________________       Expiration Date:_____    CID:____
Rental Rewards Application Fee     $10.00
Total                                             $10.00
By signing below I agree to pay all charges above.
Billing street address for card:_______________________   Zip Code:__________
*Individual owners can elect to be on or off the points system, but all have agreed to the system to date.

Summit County Colorado Hiking

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My last hiking experience is below, but we want to know about your experiences in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Please comment on what hikes are your favorite, why and information on how to get there so we can all share in your experience and possible enjoy it ourselves some day!!

A few friends and I decided to climb Mt. Sneffels this past Tuesday.  We left Monday night and drove six hours to the San Juan Range.  After getting to sleep under an amazing night sky for an hour or so, we got ourselves ready and started hiking around 4:00 am.  A little cold and windy, not to mention dark, we hurried up the side of the mountain in hopes of finding some solace from the elements.  We reached the saddle before the last push for the summit at the perfect time to see one of the best sunrises I’ve ever been fortunate to view.  After taking enough pictures to ensure that at least one would capture the beauty, we made our final push to the summit and enjoyed the rest of the sunrise at 14,150 ft.  The wind was much more persistent at the top, so we ate some food and drank some water, then proceeded to make our way down.  The sun peeked through the clouds and offered some warmth when we got back to the grassy areas, so we sat down and relaxed, occasionally looking back at what we had just climbed.  After a few minutes of relaxing in the grass and sun, we continued hiking and got back to the parking area.  We chuckled to ourselves as the hike, round trip, only took us four hours.  There’s nothing like seeing the sun come up on top of a mountain.  Anyone who wants to experience total freedom and is up for an unforgettable day, get a partner or two and challenge yourself physically and mentally to stand on top of the world.

How to get to this hike:

Take US 550 to Ouray. ¼ mile south of town, turn west onto Country Road (CR) 361 (2WD, Dirt) toward Yankee Boy Basin. Start measuring mileage from the start of this road. Your mileage may vary slightly, but the following list describes the turns and milestones:
– At 3 miles: The road has some shelf sections with exposure to the left.
– 4.7 miles: Stay right on CR 26.
– 5.3 miles: The road is cut into the cliffs like a “C” so there is rock hanging over the road.
– 6.1 miles: Stay right on CR 26 at the junction for Imogene Pass.
– 6.3 miles: Pass through the empty Sneffels townsite.
– 6.8 miles: Stay right and pass a Yankee Boy Basin info sign.
– 6.9 miles: Stay right onto the “853 1B” road. The remaining drive is 4WD and 2WD cars should park below this junction.
– 7.7 miles: Reach the lower “trailhead” where many people park. There is a restroom here.
Driving beyond this point requires 4WD
– 100 yards after the restroom parking area, pass a large rock and stay right at a junction.
– 8.2 miles: Stay right.
– 8.5 miles: The road gets much worse after this point and there’s a sign that recommends only 4WD, high-clearance, short-wheelbase.
– 4WD vehicles (short wheelbase, good clearance, 4WD low) can continue another mile to the signed, upper trailhead at 12,460’.


Kendrick Flor

Rocky Mountain Resort Management

Discount Feedback on Colorado Ski Vacation Rentals

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We are looking for your comments.  Rocky Mountain Resort Management wants to create some discount packages for the winter season that guests will be excited about.  While we know a 100% discount is optimal to guests, we are hoping for more creative programs!  Some realistic ideas that will make staying with Rocky Mountain Resort Management your first choice.

We currently offer a last minute discount all year long that you can book within 5 days of your date of arrival.  We are thinking about offering the last minute pricing for the Sunday of all non holiday weekend bookings.  This way you can leave late on Sunday or stay the night and do so at a reasonable rate!

What ideas do you have?  We want to know??

Summit County Colorado Economics

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Denver, Colorado, Aug.17, 2009—Although the latest release from the Federal Reserve reported that the “economy is leveling off,” data gathered and analyzed by the Mountain Travel Research Program (MTRiP), revealed a slightly different picture. “Neither the national economic indicators or the mountain travel indicators support the Feds claim,” said Ralf Garrison, author of the monthly report. “At best, national signals are mixed.”

As evidence of Garrison’s assessment, the report pointed out that the Dow Jones Index rose 7.8 percent in July while the Consumer Confidence Index experienced a second consecutive monthly decrease in July, down 5.5 percent. Another significant travel industry indicator is the Travel Price Index, which tracks costs associated with consumer and business travel and includes fuel prices, room rates, insurance costs, ticket purchases, and the Consumer Price Index. It rose two percent in June for the fifth consecutive monthly increase and resulted in an 0.7 percent decline in consumer spending in July.

“Although travel prices are 9.5 percent below 2008 levels, according to MTRiP comparisons for the past several years, consumers have historically shown little regard for year to year variance in price even though there have been consistent increases in both occupancy and the Travel Price Index for the past several years,” observed Garrison. “Consumer behavior is tied closely to the Consumer Confidence Index so we predict that sustained positive news in the job sector of the economy is needed to get people traveling more.”

July’s lodging business followed the winter pattern with low volume and occupancy down 13.3 percent compared to July 08 but was slightly better than June—down 14 percent. Room rates in July were down 11.3 percent compared to last July. Reservations taken in July for arrivals in July-December were flat compared to reservations on the books last year for the same time period. Short lead bookings in July were very strong with bookings in July/for July up 30 percent compared to July 2008.

However, a downward trend was being experienced for long-lead advance bookings in November and December—those declines were offset by the last minute reservations in July/for July. “Overall, summer business (May–October) continues to show significant declines from last summer with no indication yet of an improving market or more optimistic consumers,” reported.Garrison. “To combat the decline in visitors and to provide incentives to prospective guests, destinations continue to decrease rates from last year– up to 21 percent for next December,” he added.

However, Garrison is quick to point out that this MTRiP data is an aggregation of a variety of western mountain destinations and does not include the significant differences in reservations among and between mountain resort communities. “The variances are considerable and noteworthy,” he emphasizes. The report further notes that special events and occasions such as reunions and weddings are the most consistent travel segments, while business group and conference business is down the most.

Bargain lodging, campgrounds, and roadside motels were relatively busy while destination condos, especially luxury units, were weakest. “The leveling off suggested by the Federal Reserve would be welcome news but all travel and market indicators show a continuation of the same negative trends and the outlook has yet to show tangible signs of improvement,” concluded Garrison. “From this point, getting reservations up to a flat comparison with last year is an admirable objective and an important first step to recovery–preferably in time for the all important winter booking season.”

*Data is derived from a sample of 216 property management companies in 15 mountain destination communities across Colorado, Utah, California, and British Columbia. Data is representative of a comprehensive cross-section of the community and may not reflect the entire mountain destination travel industry. © 2009, MTRiP LLC.