Customer Loyalty Program - Rental Rewards - Vacations in Colorado | Rocky Mountain Resort Management™

Rocky Mountain Resort Management has added a Customer Loyalty Program for returning guests in the form of a program called “Rental Rewards”. This is a point based system just like other travel programs that will allow returning guests to accumulate points for each paid stay with us. Here is how it works:

For every dollar spent you will get 5 points and 2.5% to use as a discount at ANY TIME combined with ANY special or discount toward a future stay.

So when you spend $5000 Rocky Mountain Resort Management you get 25000 points or $125.00 to spend on a future stay!

This is a system we have been working on for some time and something you as guests have been asking for. We are excited and feel it is a fair return. Every property will be added* to the rewards program and as points are accrued you will be allowed to use them for rental in the property of your choice! To enroll there will be a one time fee of $10 – no annual fees, then sit back, enjoy, stay with us and earn points for future stays!

*Individual owners can elect to be on or off the points system, but all have agreed to the system to date.Rental Rewards can not be used with other discounts or promotions Enrollment fee is non-refundable.