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Keystone Skier Bridge

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The new Skier Bridge at the base of Keystone’s River Run Village is due to open for the July 4th celebrations!  This bridge is designed to allow guests to ski directly from the mountain into a newly enhanced skier plaza and skier services area.   We are so excited to have the skier bridge coming into the new Gondola that was added the the Keystone Mountain just last year.  This bridge is expected to cost $6 million dollars when it is completed.

The Gondola was complete during the 2008 summer and has a vertical rise

River Run Gondola

River Run Gondola

of 2,307 feet and a top-to-bottom average trip time of less than 12 minutes, the new eight-passenger River Run Gondola transports 2,400 people per hour, more than twice the amount of the old gondola.  This Gondola is planned to run both winter and summer.

I enjoyed the Gondola this past winter, but I was disappointed in the fact that it had no singles line.  The fact that Keystone wanted to fit 8 people in the cabin was a bit unrealistic as well.  When you add skis and snowboards eight is not a realistic number, but Keystone was insistenton forcing the issue to prove a point – what point I am not sure!  With that said the appearance, style and roomy cabins (with 5 to 6 people) and speed of the new Gondola at Keystone is a welcome add to this skier.  Did you experience the new Gondola this year?  If so what was your experience?

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